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Our Top 3 Lockdown activities for the kids this summer.

June 26, 2020

1. Listen up, when school was still in and my kids couldn’t stand google classroom, I had NO idea what to do to keep them entertained and keep their minds flowing. I have no previous homeschooling experience. We worked on school all day and they were so over it by the end of the day. My children loved their art classes at school and the school’s google classroom art projects just weren’t the same. A friend of mine is an artist and has her own painting business, Creole Creative Canvases. She offers paint and sip classes for adults and when we had to go on lockdown, she marketed her virtual classes for children and we signed up!

Signing them up was the best decision we made in March. All three of my kids thoroughly enjoy the classes and Miss Kim. She’s patient , energetic and fun! They look forward to their weekly paint nights and so do we. What I love most is that she allows them artistic creativity and that they’ve grown tremendously since the start of our sessions. They’ve become independent with their painting and creative in their own rights! The classes are scheduled in 4 week increments. We receive their kits a week or so before the 4 week classes begin. Included in the kits are: paint brushes, paint, each canvas with an outline of the image and any necessary tools for her classes. Easy right? We didn’t have to run to the store for anything. The classes meet on zoom and there are other children so the interaction with the other kiddos is a plus!

Because my kids missed art class so much, Creole Creative Canvases has been a blessing! For my kids, the the class time is perfect. I’m usually in the kitchen cooking while they are painting and the hubs is nearby assisting the kids. Check out Miss Kim if you or your littles want to get involved in some classes. She is based in Atlanta but classes at the time are virtual! Contact info is below!

2. Since my husband and I are entertaining the idea of homeschooling, we’ve been trying different workbooks and systems with the children. One of my best friends, a Principal in Chicago recommended these summer enrichment books that she has used with her own children over the summer. We ordered them from amazon and they have been GREAT! The lessons are broken down into weeks so we keep the kids on a schedule. I made the mistake of ordering the 3rd grade book for Khayson as she’s going to 2nd grade, however, she’s doing pretty well with the material and seems to be able to keep up. Argo Prep Summer Academy will be a yearly purchase for me

3. So, one of our first quarantine purchases was a larger small pool. We probably would have had an in ground built if we weren’t leaving because my family loves water. We love the beaches, pools, water parks, etc. since everything is shutdown and still questionable, we needed to make sure the kids still got a summer the way that we love to spend our summers. We’d usually hit the Florida beaches on longer weekends or sometimes just out of the blue. On sunny weekends, the husband grills, I grab a drink and the kids play out back in their pool. It’s not the beach but they love it regardless. We also got a little splash pad to go along with the pool, you know, for the whole experience, LOL. The pool we got is the Intex Easy Set. It comes with a filter. Pretty easy setup.

Although we’ve done quite a bit, these 3 things have been the most exciting for them. I look for consistency with my kids. They’ve constantly asked to go out and play in the pool. They LOVE the painting classes and actually look forward to that communication every week and those workbooks seem to keep their attention. 3 simple wins for us. Since the boys are getting older, starting this coming weekend, we are going to test a game night. They want to play Uno and I ordered scrabble for kids. So we shall see how that goes! I’ll definitely blog and vlog our new family game night. What’s been the best thing to keep your kids minds off of being stuck inside? What activities and games do you play?

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  • Reply katieemmabeauty July 8, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    Aww such a cute list! I had one of those pop up pools in the garden when I was growing up and have so many happy memories swimming in it and creating whirlpools with my brothers by running round in circles in it!

    Katie |

    • Reply elysejanel July 8, 2020 at 4:19 pm

      Thanks so much. We had those pop up pools too. I miss being a kid. It’s been interesting trying to keep mine busy and i narrowed it down to these 3. We’ve done so much in 4 months . 😂😂😂

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